The Book Thief and the power of words

“When she came to write her story, she would wonder exactly when the books and the words started not just to mean something, but everything.” New book time is always an exciting time. I had resolved this year to make the most of living abroad and attempt to read some of the work that has been […]


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Traversing Souls in Cloud Atlas

Some years ago, I came across a David Mitchell novel, Black Swan Green, a semi-autobiographical account of the author’s childhood in England. I was drawn into his storytelling and I am always excited to expand my library of British authors, so this year I decided to read Cloud Atlas. I had heard mixed reviews about the 2012 movie starring Tom […]

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From the beginning…

So here it is. I have always been a book lover. It started with dragons and fairy-tales and toys that came to life; so as long as I had the shelf next to my bed filled with books, I would never dream alone. I have carried this need for stories everywhere. Now, after finding myself […]

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